Data is crucial for the success of your organization’s marketing strategies. Aside from relevance and timeliness, it is also important for data to be properly managed, such as through the use of a customer data platform. To make it more useful, it is also critical to utilize the right approaches in gathering insights from customers, which is possible through the means we’ll briefly discuss in this article.

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  • Observe Customers in a Natural Environment

Observational marketing research capitalizes on the direct observation of people to understand their actions and how they respond to a natural stimulus. It is a qualitative research method that is set in a planned or natural environment. The success lies in having well-trained individuals to conduct the observation and make sense of the behaviors of the people who are being watched. When you see customers in their natural settings, you will gain a better understanding of what makes them happy.

  • Conduct Empathy Interviews

Traditional interviews can be effective in gaining customer insights, but since most people do not exactly know what they want, there is a barrier. To solve this, a better alternative is to conduct empathy interviews. The focus is the emotional and subconscious aspects of the participants, making it possible to appeal to the emotions to gather insights. The participant speaks right from the heart, which makes the responses more authentic.

  • Attend a Trade Show

Trade shows offer plenty of opportunities for marketing your business. In the same way, this is also a chance to talk to customers, including potential clients. You can have first-hand interactions with the participants and understand what it is that they need or look for. It also allows you to observe other businesses and learn from what they are doing to market themselves in such an event.

  • Conduct Customer Feedback Surveys

This is one of the most traditional but effective ways to gain insights about your customers. Gone were the days when it used to be often answered using pen and paper. It is now digital, which makes it easier to convince people to participate. Keep the survey short but sweet to make it engaging. If possible, offer rewards, such as discount codes and freebies for the participants to entice them to take the survey.

  • Track Online Activities

There are several ways to track and understand the online activities of your customers, such as through social media and web analytics tools. You can understand how much time they spend on their website and the reasons why they leave. The right tools also help in analyzing trends and interests to craft the perfect online marketing campaign.

There are many elements that are crucial in the success of your business, and one of the most important is to understand your customers. To do this, take note of our suggestions above on how to gather insights, such as through observation, empathy interviews, and trade shows, among others.