There are many instances of multi-site projects where there is a need for complex management of assets, contractors, equipment and machinery, and a wide variety of other potential logistical problems and challenges with locations and terrain to overcome. Whether you are looking at building new housing on the edge of a town or city, working to build renewable energy complexes either in remote locations inland or off shore, or you manage large infrastructure projects where there is a need for maintenance and repair tasks on a regular basis, it is important to have the correct type of assistance to help you finish the project with minimal disruption. With the support of a specialist plant hire company you can put together a strong plan of action to help you manage multi-site projects.

The planning stage is even more crucial when you are in charge of setting up and looking after a project that is working over multiple sites and locations. These sites might be within one town or city but could be spread over a large area and in different locations across the country depending on the type of work being undertaken. You’ll have to set up the number of contractors working on each site, as well as the equipment and machinery needed on each site. Working with a plant hire company at this stage will help you to put together a thorough plan of action and have peace of mind that the right type of equipment and machinery is delivered to the correct site, at the correct time to ensure there is a smooth running of all projects you are managing.

The next thing to be aware of is to ensure that your contractors are fully trained and safe to use the equipment being delivered to them. The best plant hire companies will update fleet on a regular basis, to include the very latest models of machinery and equipment. They will provide you with training manuals on each piece of equipment they deliver to your site, and on-site training from the delivery specialists where this has been agreed and would be beneficial to those who are operating the machinery. With the right support such as this, a plant hire specialist can become a fantastic addition to your support network.

Make sure to work with plant hire specialists that have experience in helping clients in multiple sectors and industry, and those that have the task of managing sites in multiple locations. It is important to have the effective, determined, and detailed support of a plant hire service that can deliver to multiple sites, meet strict deadlines and budgets, and ensure that any emergency situations (including machine breakdowns) are met with speed and efficiency. With this level of support from plant hire experts you can ensure that your project works smoothly even if you are managing multiple sites with a large number of contractors, materials, and assets to look after and keep moving forward in the same direction.