If you are looking to buy a health insurance plan, then SBI health insurance plans are definitely a good option to start with. SBI Health Insurance, co-owned by SBI and Insurance Australia Group (IAG), has a claim settlement ratio of around 80%. This indicates that they pay the majority of the claims. They also have plans specific to the city you live in and also depending on your net worth.

So, what are the different health insurance plans offered by SBI General, what are their features, and how can you purchase them? Read on to find out.

Which Plans are Available Online?

SBI General offers 5 different health insurance plans and you can buy these online, either from the SBI General Insurance website or from aggregator sites like Coverfox.com.

1. SBI Health Insurance

This plan offers coverage ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 5, 00,000. One of the unique features of this plan is that it offers three different policies based on whether you reside in a metro, semi-metro, or the rest of the country. It also has family floater benefit allowing you to cover your whole family under one plan.

2. SBI Critical Illness Insurance Policy

This policy is exclusively for those who suffer from critical illnesses such as cancer, stroke, paralysis, etc. The plan covers 13 different illnesses. You can opt for a coverage of up to INR 50, 00,000 and the policy pays out a fixed pre-decided sum irrespective of the actual medical expenses. You can opt for a one-year or a three-year plan.

3. SBI Hospital Daily Cash Insurance Policy

This policy pays out a pre-determined fixed amount for each day that you are hospitalised. There are two plans, one offers 30 days and the other offers 60 days of coverage. The maximum daily cash benefit can be INR 2,000 for regular hospitalisation and INR 4,000 for ICU and accidental hospitalisation. You also get a fixed sum of INR 5,000 if you were hospitalised for more than 10 days, irrespective of your plan.

4. SBI Arogya Premier Policy

This policy is for those individuals who have a high net worth. The coverage ranges from INR 10 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs and includes ambulance charges up to INR 1 lakh. It also covers alternative treatment methods like Unani, Siddha, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy, provided that the treatment is undertaken in a government or government-recognised hospital. The tenure of the policy can be 1, 2, or 3 years. It is available for individual as well as family coverage. It also covers 142 day-care procedures and surgeries that require less than 24 hours of hospitalisation.

5. SBI Arogya Plus Policy

This policy covers out-patient procedures which are usually not covered by other policies. Procedures like cataract surgeries, laparoscopic gallbladder removal, or hernia repair which do not require the patient to get admitted are covered under this plan. You can choose from three options for the sum insured – INR 1 lakh, INR 2 lakh, and INR 3 lakh. Similar to Arogya Premier policy, Arogya Plus also covers 142 day-care expenses and comes as individual and family plans.

6. SBI Group Health Insurance Policy

The group health insurance policy offers both individual and family coverage with the sum assured ranging from INR 1 lakh to INR 5 lakhs. It also covers pre-existing diseases, ambulance charges, and maternity charges and includes infants in the family plan from day one. You can also get cashless treatment at any of the 3,000 plus network hospitals.

How to Get SBI Health Insurance Right Now

Once you have decided which plan you would like to purchase, there are two ways you can buy the plan.

1. Offline

You can purchase health insurance plans from SBI by visiting any of their offices or getting in touch with an insurance agent.

2. Online

You can also purchase SBI health insurance policies online by visiting their website and clicking on the “Get a Quote” button. If you have any doubts about the policy or if you need any assistance with the purchase, you can call their customer care.

Another way to buy SBI Health Insurance online is by visiting insurance aggregator sites like Coverfox.com which help you compare different policies side by side before you make a decision.


SBI General has had good reviews from its customers, a good customer retention rate, and a high claim settlement ratio. These are some of the most important points to consider when you purchase insurance and since SBI scores high on all of these, you know you’re in safe hands!