Daily Management System or DMS is a set of processes where the team members evaluate their progress in achieving their organizational goals on a regular basis. Normally, employees are always apprised of the happenings on the plant floor via daily walks, gemba walks or performance review meetings. They ensure that the ideal person is doing the work which they are suitable for and it lets the employees to corrective action when there is any deviation. DMS like Tervene helps in rendering the entire process efficient as it helps in expediting the collection, analysis and communication of key information by the means of digitization. A centralized management platform stores everything and makes it accessible, letting you to scale the processes and rendering them leaner.

How is DMS helpful?

  1. They help in obtaining real visibility into the ongoing status of every task, process or access.
  2. They help in keeping an eye on the implementation of essential tasks
  3. You can see the performance at all levels by graphical means
  4. It ensures that the roles and responsibilities are clear and definite
  5. It helps in automating workflows, task assignments and reminders
  6. It notifies if any problem takes place to act on any corrective action immediately
  7. It also helps in determining the root cause of the problem that obstructs productivity
  8. It empowers a culture of accountability
  9. It eliminates human errors
  10. It empowers top management to focus on high value problem areas
  11. It helps in expediting the problem resolution
  12. It helps in eliminating the waste, errors, and delays.

What does DMS do?

A DMS calls for breaking down your business goals into particular tasks, activities and operational results. Many DMSs collect data from numerous systems in real time and showcase an easy visual representation like a graph or dashboard to display to all the employees if they are achieving the target or not. As everything is showcased digitally, many systems clearly interact what needs to be addressed and who is responsible for the same.

Moreover, DMS lets you create, modify and automate complex business processes, approval protocols, workflows to make sure you get consistent and predictable outcomes from one person or team to another. When it comes to assessment on the most ideal solution for your company, there will be many factors to be taken into account. Terpene got your back when it comes to building a valid strategy and seek solutions that are the ideal for your business needs.