We all have different tastes when it comes to choosing GAMING KEYBOARDS. What might work for me might not be what works for you. Choosing the right keyboard that will grand you the perfect gaming experience should take time. It also requires personal experience. Today, many gamers go for mechanical gaming keyboards because they are tactile, they are faster, and durable as well. Some gamers are driven by other things apart from what we have already mentioned. To some, the most important thing is the portability of the keyboard, the smaller footprint, and the low price of the keyboards. When making your choice, here are some of the characteristics that you should be looking at when making your selection

The actuation force

This is the first important characteristic that you should always be looking for when you are looking for a gaming keyboard. The actual force in a keyboard is the force that you will need to successfully press a keyboard key. It can also be described as the key actual travel distance where the key is finally recognized by the keyboard. In simple terms, the actual force will always be there to measure how hard you need to press your keyboard so that you get feedback from the keyboard. Actual force always varies, It normally ranges from 35grams to 350 grams. If you are looking for a gaming keyboard, you do not need a keyboard that will give you a hard time pressing. That is why many people are now going for mechanical keyboards because of how easy they are to press. Although a shorter actuation force will not make you a better gamer, it will make your work simpler.

Actuation distance

There is a very big difference between the actuation force and the actuation distance. The actuation distance is simply the distance which the switch needs to depress to input to be registered. The actuation distance is always measured from the top of the keycap. An average distance of a mechanical keyboard is estimated to be 2mm. Some have as low as 1mm. Shorter actuation distance will not make you a better gamer. Shorter actuation distance can lead to many possible mistakes.


This is also another very important thing to consider when you are choosing your mechanical gaming keyboard. The tactility of a keyboard is simply the feedback and the resistance that you are likely to receive when you are typing. Tactility is always associated with the distance that the key is supposed to travel to generate a keystroke.  The results are always audible and when it is successful, you would hear a clicking sound. In this case, mechanical keyboards are known to be more tactile than their counterpart. Many membrane keyboards are not tactile. Membrane keyboards can only be softened after wear and tear or after a long period of using the portable Bluetooth wireless keyboard.