Moving to a new home is usually exciting as new beginnings bring new hope. But, it can also be stressful as you have to get your old rented property ready for the landlord’s inspection. Also, packing all your essentials and hiring movers is also stressful. But, you can concentrate on the adventures in your home and relieve the tension from moving, by considering the tips below:

Check the Property for Damage

Start by reading your tenancy agreement carefully. It should tell you how you should leave the property when you move out. In case the house has incurred some damages, get them fixed before you leave. But, you can also ask the landlord to do the repair themselves and just pay the bill. Usually, landlords will deduct the repair expense to the deposit.

Clean the Property

When your tenancy ends, you can choose to clean the property yourself or consider services specialising in end of tenancy cleaning bolton. It makes sense to get your cleaning done early so you can get the property clean before the landlord’s inspection. But, if you want to have a better chance at getting your deposit back, entrust the cleaning job to the professionals.

The cleaning work that must be carried out must be based on your inspection checklist and check-in record. In general, you can pass the final inspection by doing the following cleaning tasks:

  • Leave the kitchen sparkling clean. Start by emptying the cupboards and shelves and ensuring they don’t have any crumbs or stains. Also, pull the appliances and wipe behind and beneath them. Make sure to clean the rest of the appliances individually, leaving no traces of dust and dirt.
  • Clean the living room. In the living room, dusting and carpet cleaning are the main jobs to focus on. Vacuum the carpet or hire a professional carpet cleaner when it’s stained. Also, clear the cabinets, shelves, cupboards, coffee table, and television stands and polish them.
  • Remove bathroom stains. Ensure everything in the bathroom is spotless including the mirrors, tiles, bath, and sink. Check drains and plug holes to make sure water can flow easily. Remember to check the showerhead, taps, and drain grates for limescale and mould.

  • Clean the windows. Windows must be cleaned inside and out. Hire a professional window cleaner if you cannot reach the windows outside.
  • Vacuum and wash the furniture. Make sure the furniture has no stains, odours, and hair.

Aside from these cleaning tasks, make sure to pay attention to the walls, curtains, the garden, staircase, and the hallways.