The game of Keno has been around for many years. It was first invented in China and made its way to America in the early 1900s. You can play both Mahjong and Keno at

We will explore these differences and similarities between Keno and Mahjong:


  1. Both games are played with a board, tiles, and chips.
  1. In both games, players need to match numbers or patterns to win the game.
  1. Both games are played on a board with different numbers or patterns.
  1. In both cases, the objective is to collect enough contiguous pieces to form an entire set.
  1. Furthermore, both games require luck as well as skilful play and strategy.


  1. A player must create sets of these to win. For example, keno has 90 number combinations that can be chosen, and Mahjong has 144 possible tiles.
  1. Mahjong is usually played by four people, whereas Keno can be played between one player and six others on most boards.
  1. Keno has more winning combinations than Mahjong because it includes other symbols like red and green dragon eyes representing different amounts of money won while playing the game (the amount varies depending on your betting system).
  1. In Keno, each number is assigned an equal chance (for example, you have just as much chance of winning if your chosen number is “14” as “26”). But in Mahjong, there are varying probabilities depending on how many tiles remain undealt at any given time; this means that some positions can be easier to complete than others.
  1. These differences will give you an idea of how similar these two games really are! You may want to try them out for yourself next time you’re at a casino near Seoul, but don’t forget to read up on the rules first!