For whatever reason, your elderly grandparents are coming for an extended stay and you need to get prepared! Fear not, here are some things you can do to ensure their comfort and safety in your home!

  • Stairlifts Your grandparents can’t climb the stairs, but that’s where the guest room is! They can’t very well sleep in the kitchen, so what will you do? I know stairlifts sound like a potentially expensive and permanent modification to your home, but that isn’t actually the case. The stairlift suppliers in Milton Keynes can rent you a stairlift for however long you need! Installation (and de-installation!) are a snap.
  • Re-Arrange the Furniture – Make sure your senior guests have a clear pathway through your home. Push that coffee table up against the wall, or store it in the garage, so grandma and grandpa can join you on the sofa with ease.
  • Proper Lighting – Vision problems are part and parcel of growing old, so it’s important to provide plenty of bright lighting for them to find their way around safely. Start by changing a few bulbs, and if that’s not enough just place portable reading lamps on the end table and dresser.
  • Non-Slip Rugs – Seniors aren’t always sure of foot and can easily slip on hardwood floors or linoleum. Putting down portable rubber-backed floor rugs makes your home safer, and they feel great under cold feet, too!

Enjoy your special time with the grandparents, it’s something to treasure.