Launching a new product requires substantial effort, and all aspects, including the packaging, must be considered. Ordering cardboard boxes for your product can be a confusing task, bearing in mind that packaging is an integral part of the marketing work. In this post, we discuss the aspects that matter in selecting the right option and getting the design right.

Customization and size are critical

If you are selling small miniature toys, you don’t want to order for big boxes. Sizing is the first factor that matters for selecting boxes, and brands typically go for customized sizes, so that the product doesn’t move in the box. You don’t want to go for a smaller box than required, because some products need to have adequate space around for cushioning. Customization is more about considering the product and what people expect of it in the first place.

Find a reliable manufacturer

Packaging material manufacturers do much more than just producing boxes. If you check boxes, you will realize that the company basically takes care of everything that their clients need. Manufacturers can have standard sizes for immediate shipping, but many of them are involved in structural design conceptualization, sizing considerations and print design on the box. These companies can minimize the effort that otherwise goes into creating a design, and if required, you can ask for prototypes and samples, as well.

Don’t overdo the design

In a bid to experiment and innovate with packaging, many brands make the mistake of overdoing the design. You don’t want to use more of packaging material than required for two important reasons. Firstly, it adds to the cost if you just add more layers to the boxes, and that can affect your budget, and secondly, most of the boxes remain unused later and end up in landfills. As a smart step, you can avoid that mistake and portray your company as a brand that cares for the environment.

Try more than one style

Many brands are now launching the same product and variants with diverse boxes, just to generate curiosity and push the sale numbers. Even if you start with one design for the initial launch, keep experimenting with the packaging boxes, so that customer interest in the product is retained.

Finally, if you are trying to save money on boxes, consider ordering in bulk. Many manufacturers may offer storage for an extra charge, so you are saving on that front, as well.