Effective floor management is the holy grail of any factory or manufacturing unit. This kind of strategic planning makes it possible for increased efficiency of all assets including your machinery. The information you provide to your managers via such systems in place means increased line rate, effective production quality while also ensuring safety and decreased equipment hazards. Another added advantage of a strategically placed floor management is the ease of adaptability that comes to any competitive marketing needs and changes besides the well-structured and organized data. Now you can have some of the prominent benefits, let’s move on.

The options: Hardware monitoring v/s Purpose built SAAS (software as a solution)

The best bet when it comes to a total solution is investing in monitoring hardware or SAAS (software as a solution) systems in place. With the amount of data coming you must be easily thinking that with such systems in place, the IT shop should do the job pretty well from their shop but the truth is far from the this. The data coming in is valuable and its value lies in the details and such details don’t mine so easily especially in the hands of IT shop technicians. This is where a SAAS software like Gemba Walk comes as a solution that is used purpose- built that renders effective in the hands of your floor managers who have seen it all combined with the effective automation of data and communication to task and hazards making these data easily harvestable in a matter of seconds.

The Pros of the system include:

Easy Adaptation

Putting matter into perspective, these solutions which are integrated into the current well tested management systems evolve the shortcoming of the same with machine power perfecting the results within a very small span of time into the current system with short training and integration.

Easy Customization

The ability to easily customize and structure the data provides an interface to the user and the management with necessary prompts and active improvement systems that makes the easily slipped but critical steps of the functioning under the radar while also effectively sealing all gaps in the production line in manner.

Comprehensive Maintenance

A well-built SAAS system helps establish comprehensive predictive-maintenance programs that go beyond just failure alerts to analyze failure patterns, support root cause analysis and minimize the volume of spare parts kept on hand.

Traditionally, a high wall has existed between manufacturing and IT. The IT department wants to protect the business systems while manufacturing wants to avoid exposing process equipment to outside intervention. Now, the benefits have become apparent enough that forward-looking organizations are seeking ways to break down the wall. Thus, creating effectively planned human intervention into IT automation making it the best of both worlds for the company.