If you happen to be doing an upgrade of windows on your computer or out there buying a new one, you will have to decide if you will go for a Windows 10 or a  Windows 10 pro upgrade. Just like the name is suggesting, the pro version is the pair that is more advanced but what could be the difference between the two? And is it worth the price being charged?

The basics of Windows 10 vs Windows 10 pro

The Windows 10 standard version is actually the Windows 10 Home and it is for use at home. If you are into business, you will perhaps be interested in going for the Windows 10 pro. There are several features which are shared between the two operating systems; all the familiar basics from the other versions of Windows previously. Both can work well on laptops, desktops, and tablets and both are coming with features such as Microsoft new browser which is the Microsoft Edge and the Cortana.

The tech of smart login which is referred to as Windows Hello is in both editions as in the Xbox app for game streaming from your Xbox one. You will not miss out on the features for gaming such as DirectX12 in case for the Windows 20 Pro version.

The thing is that, in case your Window 10 gets booted up, side by side with Windows 10 Pro, you will be pressed very hard to find out the difference unless you dig deeper into the features. For majority of the part, both operating systems tend to work in the same way. To upgrade from Windows Home to Windows 10 Pro version is a process that is fairly straightforward

With so many similarities between the versions of the operating systems, what could be the difference? The extra that you are going to get with the Windows 10 pro are aimed at users who are advanced and might not mean much to a home user who utilizes it averagely.

You will be able to use a tool such as Bitlocker which allows you to encrypt the date onto your drives, thereby making it harder for others to be able to access it. You will as well access the group policy, which can give you different privileges and rules for various Windows users on a network which will be great in case you are in an office setup.

You will also get the Assigned Access which is an app access for controlling, Dynamic provision which is managing storage between the users, and the Domain Join for logging into a large network such as an office or school remotely.

Plus, the Windows 10 pro has tools for a remote desktop which is built in for logging into a computer from somewhere else o the client hyper-V and web, a program which allows you to be able to run the virtual computer on top of the windows which is great.