I am a digital marketer and have been working from home for a long time, up until recently when I decided it’s time to move to an office outside of my house. Before the move, I was on the fence as to whether I should carry my old chair and table from home to the office, or get a new set of furniture. But later I thought it would be great to have both offices just in case I needed to do some work from home. Besides, moving would be quite a struggle compared to ordering  office furniture online – I’m a sucker for convenience.

Enough said, here are two things that are on my office desks:

Chakra stones

My grandmother believed in the healing power of stones. So, she had a collection of crystals for different purposes; good luck, focus & insight, comfort & heart healing, self-love, sales, and even chance. She told me many stories of how the stones changed her life for the better, and gave me these two pieces, one to help me focus and see the big picture, and the other for communication and self-expression. I believe that the blue stone allows me to feel more communicative, expressive, and true to myself. With the purple one, I have a clearer mind, enhanced problem-solving abilities, greater intuition and can focus and understand.

Desk lamp

I have a desk lamp on my home office desk that I use to illuminate the space when I work or read late into the night. Well, the office desk is in the bedroom, so I can’t use the normal lighting at night – it would disrupt my one-year-old. It’s also a great source of warmth when the temperatures drop. And the best part is that the lamp is a replica of the iconic 1227 lamp that was designed in 1932 – so, it serves as a centrepiece in the room.