These days the concept of mobile games has become so popular among many gamers that they seem to often search for the newest gaming app for their phones like GTA 5 apk. For those who want to understand this new era; you have to use some android applications on your Smartphone. Maybe then you will be able to get today’s powerful and energizing world of games and applications.

The mobile gaming industry plays a great role in today’s world economy. People who love to play video games have always been so obsessed with the gaming industry that the authority had to invent the mobile versions of many popular video games like GTA 5 mobile. You can play these mobile video games easily on your Smartphone.

However, many people are concerned about the negative effects of playing mobile video games especially parents. They have expressed their concerns and they don’t want their kids to get addicted to playing video games. But there are times where children became very much addicted to playing these games.

To understand that your kid is getting this addiction you have to notice some changes in their nature. In this article, we will try to help you with those changes. These are also known to be the negative effects of playing mobile video games.

Changes in behavior

If you notice that your children are spending too much time playing video games every day and behaving violently, becoming introvert, and losing interest in other daily activities, it means they have become addicted to playing video games.

Bad academic performance

Your children might be thinking that video games are just their hobby and nothing else. But if you see that they are doing a poor performance in their academic life, it means you will have to take care of the situation now carefully. Playing too many video games can affect someone’s learning ability with time. As a result, the child won’t be able to memorize things and ultimately mess up their studies.

Gaining too much weight

If your children are gaining weight because of playing hours of video games by sitting in the same spot, you have to make them change their habits. Make them eat and drink timely and limit their screen times to help them.

Slowing down the growth of the brain

Make sure that you have taken proper precautions and your child is listening and obeying your words about playing video games. Otherwise, playing games for too long will slow down their brain development and they won’t be able to do critical thinking in real life because of this.

Affected eye-sight

Even if your child is playing mobile video games or any other types of video games, make sure that the distance between their eyes and the screen is not very close. Otherwise, they will lose their vision slowly.

If you are careful about all these above-mentioned issues and make sure that your child is maintaining the implicated rules about video games, there will be no such issues.