How long have you been using a gun? Have you thought about how to keep it undamaged for a long time? Purchase a modern, durable, and stylish leather holster from the Kirkpatrick Company. There are some restrictions on holster use that you need to maintain, and only then you can keep it intact for a long time. 

Benefits of the leather holster

If you use leather shoes and belts, then you can understand how leather is nature-friendly and durable. In addition to leather, there are Kydex, nylon, plastic holsters, but for the organic nature of leather, holsters are the most long-lasting, flexible, and comfortable. If you use an expensive gun, the best option is to use a leather holster to protect it.

  • Customize leather holsterYou can take it out in public without any problem, plus it will give you the highest protection.
  • If you are a fashion-conscious person, then it will give you perpetual beauty. The greatest advantage of leather is that the older it gets, the more beautiful it becomes. Gradually the holster takes on the shape of a weapon.
  • You will find many leather holster options on the Kirkpatrick website which you will not find in the case of Kydex or nylon. Sometimes you will find funky style plastic holsters on the market that are harmful to your gun.
  • You can wear any dress with a leatherholster. No matter how big your pistol is, the leather cover is the best way to protect it. There is no reaction even if the skin is directly touched with the leather. 

Materials and procedure

The animal skins with which holsters are usually made include ostriches, crocodiles, elephants, stingrays, and sharks. Refines with the help of various modern and scientific technologies, but they are made suitable for use. If you think that these are not ready in a few hours, it takes a minimum of two to three weeks for the whole procedure to be completed.

If you have a special preference for any animal skins and leather colors, you can let the company know. Because, here you will find a wide range of varieties such as gray alligator, black crocodile, blue stingray, and brown ostrich. To avoid any manufacturing error, you need to provide a replica of your gun when you make a leather holster. 

When should you be conscious?

  • It is not a tough job for a criminal to unlock your holster and snatch your pistol. Sometimes, the gunman shots without proper grip and misses the target.
  • A criminal from very close can lock your right hand at any moment. So you have to learn to wield a gun with both hands equally even when the criminal is behind. 


You must understand the environment in which you are using a leather holster. If you are not familiar with holster use, you need to learn handling from a trainer. Police, Army, and fighter personnel have relied on leather holsters for centuries.