With the launch of the new updates and versions of the operating systems, Microsoft always empowers its Windows operating system for the users. The new launch i.e. Windows 10 Professional is the latest addition that has brought about a big shift for the businesses and professionals to experience smooth working.

Windows 10 Professional brings a host of programs which has resulted to people make a thorough comparison of Windows 10 Home Vs Pro. But Professional version is creating waves currently. And for all the good reasons!

Connect it with the domain

Not all businesses were able to connect through a network on a remote location. But with the professional version this feature has come to life. Unlike the Windows 10 home system, here the connection established gives some authority to the user to access the files and make changes to it. Therefore one can hire remote technicians and workers to connect and work together for a good business growth.

Flexibility to use enterprise applications

Nowadays businesses are progressing to design their own apps for the functioning of their business. Therefore if they need to lock some or the other feature to launch their own applications the flexibility is granted. If a business needs use of Web Apps to operate they can easily switch to enterprise mode and start running their app. This is when the Edge or Internet Explorer does not serve the need!

New features to unlock

With Windows 10 Professional comes a host of advanced features and tools which uplift the experience of working for the professionals. The tools make your work easier by helping you get an automated setup system. Not that these tools are necessary as the Windows 10 Home serves as a sufficient system for majority of operations. But someone who likes new technology and tools – it’s a great option!

Security of files

Of course the most talked about feature of Professional version is its ability to secure the files through BitLocker. What was installed as a new introduction on Vista has become a total hit with Professional. It enables traveling with the confidential files easy. The files are encrypted and thus stand safe with password locks.

Windows 10 Professional is designed for the professionals to enjoy a little more flexibility and ease when they juggle with numbers and content. The tools are assistive, secured and award a greater flexibility to the users.