Every person requires to have an easy to use and cheaper solution online for pdf and that is why searches for pdf to word free  on Google keep on growing.  What is it that is driving the growth of interest rapidly when it comes to the online pdf tools? In simpler terms, there are various reasons why you have to pick on online tools instead of desktop pdf software.

  • A pdf editor online is known to be cheaper as compared to having to buy desktop software. The desktop software which is good enough in meeting the editing needs of a particular user tend to cost about 150$ and 500$. While you will come across some that are free or cheaper, they might not be the best. Online solutions are known to be either free or charge a small amount of about $5 monthly and also pay as you go prices. For majority of the users, it is cheaper than going to purchase desktop software.
  • Using the online tool tend to be faster as compared to having to download the software. Software products that come from leading vendors such as Nitro and Adobe are known to be very large in size and usually take time to install. If you want basic pdf editing, then going for the online pdf converter might be the way to go as it will meet your needs efficiently and quickly. There is nobody who wants to wait for a whole 15 minutes in installing a product that is 1GB on their computers.
  • You can utilize an online solution on whatever device you feel like using it and not only on your desktop computer. Unlike with the desktop software, when you buy an online pdf editor, it means that you have access to your files which are hosted in the cloud and the editing tool at all times. So long as you have a ready internet your work will be done.
  • The online pdf tools happen to have come from far in recent years. Even a few years back, there were no web-based pdf solutions. The ones which exist did not work well or happened to be filled with ads that were highly intrusive. There have been various new editors for pdf online that have been launched. And these new startups are now quite competitive, competing with the desktop competitors. The other developments that are quite interesting in this particular area is the growth of online quality pdf to word conversion providers solving a lot of headaches for pdf editing.

Despite the online pdf tools rise, the current state regarding the industry means that the solutions that are web-based which cannot solve the needs of everyone. There are still a variety of areas where the desktop software products holding the advantage. It is certainly true in the space of large enterprises. These drawbacks are known to be as outlined below:

  • It is impossible to edit any text by using the online pdf tools
  • To create pdfs those have rich media such as surveys, video or in the form of pdf is known easier to use desktop software.