If you are looking to book a leather workshop Singapore for team building or just some fun with your friends, you are going to some of the different types of leather works. While there are a couple of how different leather smiths goes about their leatherwork, here are the three main popular types of leather works;

European Traditional Leatherwork

Just like the name hints, European Traditional leatherwork is based on the traditional European methods and styles used way back in the early 1990s. This method of handling leathers uses saddle stitches and pricking irons to give the stitches their unmistakable trademark.

It also brings out the end product looking all refined. Unlike other methods that use synthetic thread, this uses line thread. It also uses different tools from the American Western leatherwork method.

American Western Leatherwork

One thing in common between the American Western Leatherwork methods is that they both use saddle stitches. However, unlike the European Traditional Leatherwork, these have a straighter look. The tools used are also quite different and create small circles instead of slanted holes. They also use thicker threads, synthetic nylon, or sometimes polyester threads.


Tooling is a type of leatherwork that focuses more on the decorative elements and designs rather than how they are stitched or constructed. This is also one of the most popular leather methods these days. In the past, it was all about the quality of construction. In recent years, it is more about the feel and appearance.

Whatever the case, the true quality of an item made from leather lies in the material. These are also measured by grade levels. There are those that are less processed, have more grain levels, and are durable. Others are heavily processed, hardly have any grain levels, and are cheap and of poor quality.