Tote bags have been around for some time, but they are becoming even more popular these days for marketing purposes. Companies use these bags to promote their brands. They also want to send a message that they are pro-environment, as tote bags are reusable. If you are also planning to use tote bags to market your business, it is essential to have a design that appeals to people receiving the bags, and others who will see the bags used.

Make the logo big enough

Tote bags are not as huge as billboards or posters that people can see even from afar. They will only look at the bags when they pass close to the person using it. Therefore, the logo bearing the name of your company needs to be massive enough for them to see. However, it can’t be too big that the person receiving the bag might feel like you are only using the opportunity to advertise for free. Although it is the goal, don’t make the person feel that way. You also give free tote bags as a way of saying thank you to loyal followers of your brand, and if they can use the bag to help advertise your company, it is a bonus.

The bag shape needs to be interesting

You don’t need to follow the usual tote bag shape which is like a shoulder bag that is slightly larger. You can have unique designs depending on how you want the people to use the bags. They can even be more substantial if you are targeting moms who might want to put a lot of things inside the bag. You can also have tote bags that can hold a few books and school supplies which students can use if they are your target market. Be creative in designing the bag, and don’t limit yourself to the concepts already used in the past.

Focus on quality

You can choose from different materials for making the tote bags. Durable materials are usually more expensive, but if your goal is for people to reuse the bags, don’t hesitate to spend a more substantial amount. You don’t want to give out free tote bags that they can only use once, and they will throw the bags away after as they can no longer use them. It is also sending a message that you are not serious in protecting the environment since the useless tote bags will only add to the volume of trash people are throwing away.

Make your bags look cool

Before, tote bags were generally for older people who wanted to use the bags when heading to the grocery store. These days, tote bags are already cool for school. If you want students to use them on campus or when they are strolling around, make the bags look cool. Come up with designs that are suitable for everyday use.

You can start to design your own tote bag now, and find the right company to print the design for you.